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We are at the forefront of intelligent data processing, applying NLP to B2A sector.

Once upon a time… Explain !

2008 - Yes we can!

While students in Boston (Harvard, MIT) when Obama declared his presidential candidacy, Guillaume, Arthur and Vincent took part in the Democratic campaign.

They discovered an innovative door-to-door method that aims to rationalize the efforts deployed on the ground by targeting the households of potential voters.
2010 - Back to France

The trio decided to apply to a French election the voter targeting method tested in the US, which combines socio-demographic data and electoral mapping.

They organized the first randomized scientific experiment in Europe to measure the impact of this door-to-door method as part of JP Huchon's campaign.
2012 - "Me as President..."

Approached by François Hollande's teams to head up the "field" aspect, they are leading what will be the largest door-to-door campaign organized in Europe.

80,000 volunteers will visit 5 million homes, and several studies, including one by the American Economic Review, estimate 300,000 votes were won thanks to their work.
2013 - 50+1

Launch of 50+1 campaign software in France to reach out to voters and analyze public opinion.

Between 2013 and 2019, Liegey Muller Pons internationalizes the software and deploys it in more than 1,500 campaigns in 6 European countries, including those of the two future presidents of the French Republic.
2016 - La Grande Marche

Launch of Door-to-Door product and development of a major consultation operation across France on behalf of Emmanuel Macron, then Minister of the Economy, whose objective is to obtain a "diagnosis of society".

This campaign starts the campaign of the future president of the Republic.
2017 - First fundraising

Odyssée and Kima Ventures are investing to finance the launch of a new corporate offer and the first versions of Goodwill software, integrating entity recognition algorithms through textual analysis (NLP).

Door-to-door product is commercialized to BtoA (Business to Administration) companies.
2019 - Life after politics

LMP becomes Explain: new name, new markets!

Explain is tackling the information market for B2A companies doing business with governments. At the end of 2021, after 2 years of R&D work on NLP and hundreds of user tests, Explain launches Goodwill, a territorial intelligence software.
Our passionate team is composed of various profiles: data scientists, data engineers, NLP specialists, front & back developers, devops, product owner, sales, ... and many others.


The data team is composed of data scientists, data managers, data engineers etc. with a variety of backgrounds, from machine learning to NLP and image processing. They apply daily cutting-edge data science techniques to social issues (environment, energy, politics...) to understand stakeholders needs and opinion at a local level.

Dev / Product

The dev/product team, composed of different technical profiles (front, back, devops) and business profiles (head of product, product owner, customer success manager) is in charge of creating new eXplain solutions, from market research to deployment and customer care. Passionate about our business, we are inspired by agile best practices, lean startup and software-craftsmanship!


Whether they are called business developer, account manager or head of, our sales people share a common mission: to understand our clients' local issues and respond with the best eXplain solution. The team is made up of people who are passionate about public opinion, but they all share a common desire to get together from time to time for an aperitif, a mixed soccer tournament or an escape game.


Explain's operations team is in charge of deploying door-to-door campaigns for companies with acceptability issues, that want to know what people think about their projects. To carry out these missions, the team is made up of campaigners / project managers who juggle human, written and numerical aspects. They manage a pool of freelance ambassadors (from recruitment to training to logistical organization of travel) and analyze the opinions and topics raised for presentation to the client.

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