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Artificial intelligence
and NLP

Goodwill is a territorial intelligence software that uses the best of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to capture documents that are difficult to access and extract relevant information.

The tool provides access to a database that hosts several tens of millions of documents published by public authorities and the entire French regional daily press, which is enriched every day with more than 50,000 new documents.

The NLP processing pipeline developed by Explain's teams automatically classifies, annotates and organizes the documents according to the locality, the influencers they refer to and the themes of interest they talk about.

The result for Goodwill users: relevant content recommendations via queries, pre-configured search topics and personalized email alerts.

Turn local information into
territorial intelligence


Explain has developed a solid deeptech NLP asset, a strong barrier to entry for its potential competitors. This technological lead is the result of R&D work carried out with the support of the Investissements d'Avenir program and its i-Nov competition, which Explain won in 2020.

This program supports the emergence of companies with the potential to become world leaders. The jury awarded €670,000 to the deep tech project to build a database of hyper-local and qualified content.

Other winners include AB Tasty, Botify and Doctrine, which have positioned themselves as leaders in their respective markets based on strengthened technological assets.